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For us, digital transformation means thinking strategically about the transitions under consideration, how to involve people intelligently, and implement the entire undertaking digitally.

Alfred Krappel
Alfred Krappel

Managing Director

»We live in a time when managing transformation successfully and efficiently has become a key competitive advantage.«

Alfred Krappel

Managing Director

Digitalization, New Work and Sustainability are the central elements of a future-oriented business transformation strategy.

Shaping a digital world

We view digitalization not only in terms of a technology phenomenon, but as a transformative change with great potential for creating new qualities. We will work together with you to develop your culture and unlock this potential.

We are already focusing on the “next level of New Work.”

Society and organizations are reinventing themselves. Solutions are being developed cooperatively, preserving what is good and leaving behind what is no longer goal-oriented. Our holistic perspective allows us to create customized approaches that reach beyond fashionable trends and are specifically tailored to your business.

Ensuring tomorrow’s success through sustainable business management today.

Sustainable companies achieve greater success over the long term and contribute to a worthwhile society. We provide support in designing transformative change. This entails collaborating with your executives to develop the abilities that are vital for survival in the future.

Our portfolio

Transformation &
change management
Transformation & change management

“Change is the only constant.” Today, that’s far more than just a catchphrase: it’s a tangible reality. Working closely with you, we shape periods of transition. Investing in change competence boosts courage. It increases the capacity to act and, ultimately, the ability to survive. Whether you experience change as a storm or as a fresh breeze depends largely on how you’ve set the sails.

Organizational development

At Koehninger, organizational development (OD) means more than adjusting structures and then hoping that synergies arise. Relevant, up-to-date OD is the catalyst for corporate development that will remain viable in the future. It promotes control competence and the desire to learn, and it links potential across all levels, from trainees to C-level executives. We give companies the means to forge constructive approaches to the challenges of our time through active organizational development.


Culture development

Corporate culture is not an image factor for external communication; it is not a decorative accessory. Corporate culture has a significant impact on productivity and business success. What makes your company tick? Which patterns hamper effective interactions, and which factors encourage them. What effect does corporate culture have on the motivation of employees and managers? How does it influence interactions with customers?

Working jointly with you, we analyze your company’s culture, discover aspects that offer potential, and identify areas that make suitable starting points for further successful development.

Systems thinking –
strategy work with an
eye on the future
Systems thinking – strategy work with an eye on the future

We usually associate strategy with stable planning and a long-term orientation. In recent years, it has become increasingly clear (keyword: VUCA) that this is a continuous and iterative process.
It is important to adjust a company’s direction, path, and goal in intervals that are increasingly shorter – although at the same time not too short. The idea is to provide structure yet maintain a flexible course.
From a systems thinking perspective, strategy development and implementation are integral. Strategy is embedded in developing corporate culture and in creating change from the outset.


Leadership development

Successful companies realize that the quality of leadership reveals itself in the appropriate interplay of leadership and management competencies. This area holds considerable potential in terms of responding to the current and future challenges of digitalization and transformation.
In our view, leadership development and leadership culture represent two sides of the same coin. We give people the means to play effective leadership roles, and we enable firms to develop a leadership culture that serves as a framework and reflects a company’s values and spirit. We support executives as they tackle the growing challenges posed by complexity, dilemmas, continuous change, and uncertainty.


Team development

Not all team development is created equal. Regardless of whether it involves kicking off a new venture, conducting a review, or making a pit stop; whether it entails a problem solving session or group dynamics, the promotion of self-organization or agile working arrangements, and whether it applies to permanent or temporary teams . . .
There are many reasons for team development; it has many aspects. However, one thing generally holds true. Team play – interactions within the team – not only makes a significant difference, but is a success factor par excellence.
Whether in communication and cooperation, in the culture of debate and the ability to resolve conflict, or in a constructive approach to handling diversity and differences – nowhere do the core elements of successful collaboration emerge more clearly than in teamwork.


Human resources
Human resources development

For us, collaborating on your personnel development efforts means empowering stakeholders on an equal footing and providing the impetus for topics that constitute strategically oriented human resources development. By taking this stance, we become a sparring partner who has a passion for implementing smart ideas. We are experts in revising and reorienting existing processes, from onboarding to performance reviews, and from talent management programs to the sound use of psychometric instruments. We work with you to create architectures and processes that enduringly promote change projects and cultural and business transformation.


Coaching &
Coaching and training

C-level and middle management executives utilize our coaching expertise for a variety of challenges. Whether it entails business sparring with our experts or strengthening the executive’s leadership capacity in a personal development context, our team of consultants has experience that is as diverse as it is deep. On-the-job coaching is one of our most effective formats. This entails receiving practical feedback based on shadowing (your coach accompanies you to important meetings). It can also consist of facilitated peer coaching. Providing an external perspective and feedback, introspection, and reflection strengthen personal action competence quickly and concretely.


Work environments &
office spaces
Work environments and office spaces

How does one design and organize collaborative work environments so that they are viable for the future? How can we lay out office/work space in ways that will meet the needs of a new generation of employees? Digital transformation is changing the workplace, which is to say, our work styles, the way we organize collaboration, and how we need to design the physical space where our joint efforts actually occur. As experts in corporate culture and the field of collaboration, we work with experienced office designers and interior architects to arrive at optimal layouts and designs for the cultural element we know as “work space.”


Global Regional
Self-organization Hierarchy
Top-Down Bottom-Up
Systemic Classic
Tried and True New and Different
Result Process
Numbers Culture

»We manage either-or dilemmas by navigating seeming opposites…«

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Volker Koehninger
Volker Köhninger

Founder and Managing Director of Köhninger GmbH


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Volker Köhninger

Founder and Managing Director of Köhninger GmbH



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