Strategy itself is just a piece of paper.

It requires people to support it.

Any strategy is at best only temporarily correct.

You believe in the entrepreneurial potential of your key personnel.

You want to make your company fit for a future built on shared effort.

You understand that strategy only works if it translates into focus and passion that are brought to bear every day.

That’s good . . .

…because systemic strategy formation is an integrated approach. From the outset, it conceptualizes strategy development and strategy implementation in conjunction with one another. Successfully integrating development and implementation requires a process of systemic dialogue that is structured and facilitated in such a way that a company’s key personnel are able to jointly design the future. This is an interactive process, which is to say, it never ends.

If you try to ban the future …

Strategy work is the bedrock of successful corporate management. While it is the responsibility of top-level management to definethe framework, the foundation must be developed, implemented, and endorsed by all executives and employees. Working together with the players who bear theresponsibility, we orchestrate strategy work as a continuous process of designing the future.

We provide

diagnosis, analysis, scenarios for the future, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring.

We empower, mobilize, focus, provoke, and structure.
We are

stage directors and future freaks.

Our goal is to create a shared sense of responsibility that will be put into actual practice by all employees and executives, thereby guaranteeing the creation of value and your company’s future success.

… it will just happen elsewhere.

We realize that the future is unpredictable and unforeseeable. For that reason, we believe that it requires the full range of a company´s resources to design an meaningful future.

The key to mastering coming challenges is optimal preparation.

We transform strategy into your day-to-day business operations.

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Sibylle Neubieser

Project Coordination