Justus Böckheler
Senior Consultant

People make strategies work:
The power of connected minds!

  • Connecting people & unfolding talent – with depth in ease
  • Impactful, competent, inspiring und fun to work with
  • Leadership Experience, Change- & PD-Expertise, HR Competence
  • Implementing real change by designing high impact change architectures and using the power of connected people.
  • Systemic thinking, dialog-based approaches and ability to co-discover pragmatic solutions, large group events
  • Change Consulting & Strategy Implementation: Connecting people and knowledge for sustainable solutions
  • Leadership(team) development & Coaching
Professional Background
  • Leading the Center of Expertise “Development & Change“ (2009-2014): VP; > 100 employees; 5 units; > 40 Mio. EUR/p.a.; global & european programs (2009 – 2014)
  • Building a new Change-Consulting-Unit within a global corporation (2006-2009)
  • Supporting Top-Executives with designing and implementing strategic change-initiatives, facilitating workshops, large group events, strategy-roll-outs; M&A
  • Leadership transition & strategy implementation (e.g. Corporate Finance) by implementing a new style of co-creation & leadership “Top with Down”.
  • Restructuring Talent Management at a major pharmaceutical player: Co-Creating a new organizational set-up (change road map, organizational design, staffing, communication)
  • Global Innovation Program: Reconnecting research & business in creating an unusual opportunity for learning and networking to drive innovative & value-creating solutions
  • Carve Out of global group company (approx.. 2000 employees): starting and connecting new global teams on all levels, Development of a new Company-Leadership-Focus
  • Restructuring and focusing a chemical site with her new Managing Director and her leadership team.
Education & Training
  • 15 years leadership experience on strategic (Vice President Development & Change) and operational level.
  • Certified Systemic & Organziational Consultant (Hauser Consulting, MCV, Ashridge, …)
  • Certified personality & business Coach (Dietz Coaching)
  • Certified Insights MDI Consultant
  • Facilitator for Self-Managing-Leadership (Oxford Leadership)
  • Diplom Psychologe (Landau, Germany) & Master in Occupational Psychology (Nottingham, UK)
  • Working languages: german and english