Christian Fust
Senior Consultant

Making a difference.

Christian Fust
  • Particularly interested in the cultural aspects of organizations – with a focus on ways of working, that allow and foster self-organization and iterative approaches.
  • Long-term experience in elite sports as coach and sport-psychological consultant.
  • Gets to the heart of things, energetic, humorous, confrontational, enthusiastic for complex issues.
  • Organizational development (support of structural and cultural transformation processes)
  • Supporting complex change processes
  • Agile transformation and integration of agile or self-organized structures and ways of working
  • Leadership development (design of program and implementation)
  • Supervision of managers and teams
Professional Background
  • Organizational development in mid-sized businesses and corporations
  • Agile transformation in mid-sized businesses and corporations
  • Support and supervision of agile teams
  • Design and implementation of leadership programs
  • Supervision of teams and managers
  • Design and facilitation of large scale events
  • Consultant and speaker at multiple qualifications (i.e. asp-sports psychology, agile coach)
  • Sports-psychological consulting of coaches and teams in elite sports (national teams and national leagues)
  • Professional coach on the ATP-Tour (tennis)
Education & Training
  • Medical study (1. state examination)
  • Sports study (Dipl./DSHS Köln – focus areas psychology and performance
  • Qualification in organizational development, process consulting and coaching (systemic)
  • Qualification in transactional analysis, systemic hypnotherapy and psychodrama
  • Qualification sports psychology (asp)
  • Advanced education on the topics of: resilience, depression, Zurich Ressources Modell (®ZRM)
  • Reiss Profile-/LUXX Profile Master
  • Lumina Spark Certification
  • Qualification as Scrum Master