Leadership is a new profession…

…and it needs to be learned.

The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.

Our global, interconnected world turns at a rapid pace. Growth and profit are the result of the way people work together. On the one hand, modern companies need ever flatter hierarchies. On the other, there is an growing need for a differentiated dialogue about responsibilty, and more executives who are authentic and willing to shoulder it. Their primary function is to “conduct the orchestra” purposefully, so that their strong leadership personalities multiply the success of your business.

Remember the orchestra makes the music …

We support your key personnel, enabling them to become better entreprenuers and stage directors for outstanding performance—rather than functioning merely as optimal technicians. We empower them so that they do not simply labor thoughtlessly through one stressful work package after the other. Instead, they constantly evolve meaning and orientation and are able to commincate what constitutes a productive course of action under a given set of circumstances.

We identify

-in collaboration with you- the key projects and situations that call for visible leadership.

We support

key players as they are performing their daily business functions (in a process called shadowing).

We empower

them during actual business projects (casework and learning journeys).

We qualify

personnel through internal and cross-company learning programs with horizontal and vertical groups.


We consistently develop your executives’ self-management skills, thereby allowing your company to profit from greater authenticity, credibility, and a higher degree of effectivness in your key personnel.

… the conductor doesn’t make
a sound.

We believe that leadership can learned; a culture of responsibility can be acquired.
Our own experience in executive positions has shown us which measures and methods produce results. We enable executives to reflect on their entrepreneurial responsibily and translate their insights in professional practice.

By developing your culture of leadership and increasing your employees’ sense of responsibilty, we enable you to boost performance and the quality of life in your organization.

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Sibylle Neubieser

Project Coordination