Data is the new currency…

…and we provide support for complex transactions.

Digital transformation is redefining the way we will work in the future.

Digital transformation is a cultural revolution that is occurring at a rapid pace in all areas of life and work. From our point of view, it represents a huge opportunity to restructure and redesign work environments in their entirety.

Digital transformation gives rise to new forms of work and concepts of leadership, and it creates opportunities for human beings to work together with technologies and machines. It transforms all communication processes and inspires new values such as self-determination and purposeful management. As part of the process, companies also recollect and reflect on their own identities.

At its core, digital transformation is a question that involves a firm‘s business model, its leadership and mindsets, and a radically new understanding of entrepreneurship. More than ever before, it is also a question of the role of human beings across the entire work process.

Digital business transformation is organizational change …

What we offer. As your company undergoes digital transformation, we support you by providing professional directing and management skills that create value and make an effective contribution to your organization’s development.

Our process-related interventions allow new pathways, a new culture, and new solutions to emerge within the client’s specific system. We view digitalization as a potent driver for your business that produces its full impact only in conjunction with effective work on strategy and innovation, and the corresponding development of your organizational culture.

We start with

encouragement to engage.

We develop

a vision and a strategy as well as the actual teams that a digital future will require.

We initiate

culture changes that will enable promising, new forms of collaboration in the digital environment.

We implement

organizational structures and processes that will remain viable in the future.


For us, digital transformation is not a generic consulting assignment. On the contrary, we view it as a multifaceted, customized, and ongoing developmental endeavor. Transformation only succeeds if it originates at the core of an organization and works its way outward.

The tools we use—what we work with:
  • Digital change management and commitment communication.
  • Digital leadership interventions.
  • Future management interventions.
  • Workshop formats and business identity formation—“FIND YOUR WHY.”
  • Development of decision-making, conflict, and feedback culture.
  • Shadowing, mentoring, and transformation consulting as daily business operations unfold.
  • Introduction of agile network structures.
  • Vertical teams
  • Lateral leadership
  • Holocracy
  • Fluid network and system structures.
  • Design thinking, scrum, rapid prototyping, and lean management.
  • Business model design
  • OKR
  • New work
  • Digital talent management/staffing and the identification of key players for digital transformation processes.

 … through the use of digital technologies and business models to improve performance.

We encourage you to take a determined approach to the opportunity digitalization presents. We view ourselves as a partner who conceives, supports, and tailors a process that perfectly aligns with your company, your identity, and the members of your firm.

Our core propositions— what we believe in:
  1. Digital transformation is a question that involves a firm’s business model, leadership, mindset, business culture, and the appropriate technologies (strategy, structures, and processes).
  2. Digital transformation is an individualized undertaking, that is, it is geared to the respective firm’s origin, core, and identity.
  3. For us, digital transformation is not a generic consulting assignment. Rather, we view it as a multi-faceted, customized, and iterative development track.
  4. Digital transformation connects people and technologies, allowing them to collaborate, create value, and learn together.
  5. Digital transformation—from this point forward—will constitute a permanent, ongoing process of development and innovation without a definable end.
  6. Digital transformation requires people who will make it part of their lives, and resilient organizational structures that will provide stability during volatile times.
What we offer—what we’re good at:
  • Digital maturity check-ups.
  • Digital transformation, a 360° perspective (from drop or top down to bottom up and back).
  • Culture change for a digital business environment.
  • Systemic strategy work for customized, company-specific transformation processes.
  • Involvement of decision-makers in digital innovation and future-oriented work.
  • Vision work for digital transformation processes.
  • Implementation of organizational structures that are viable for the future.
  • Competence diagnostics and personnel qualification.

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